Dr. Warren Seiler
Book Author

Born in 1947, Dr. Seiler is a board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist who began his current solo practice in Little Rock, Arkansas, in July of 1978. After graduating from Louisiana State University Medical School in New Orleans in 1974, he completed his residency in psychiatry and fellowship training in child and adolescent psychiatry at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee, in the summer of 1978. He was the first child and adolescent psychiatrist in private practice in Arkansas.

He is the oldest of five children born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Their father worked for the post office for over 30 years, and their mother was a dedicated and tireless homemaker. Neither one attended college after high school graduation, yet both were wise and loving parents who devoted their lives to raising their children to the best of their ability until their deaths. All five children are parents themselves with children ranging in age from five to 33, and all are married to their original spouse.

The most important person in Dr. Seilerís life for more than 35 years is his beautiful wife, Laine, whose parents were also wise, loving, and devoted to both their children and one another until their deaths. Laineís dedication as a homemaker all these many years and her untiring love for Dr. Seiler and their three children has not only maximized their joy and happiness during times of fun and celebration, and sustained them in times of pain, difficulty, and stress, but also served as an example to follow no matter the situation.

Laine is the consummate friend, lover, wife, and mother.

Dr. and Mrs. Seiler are especially thankful for and proud of their three lovely adult children. While each is blessed by God with various talents and abilities, all three have worked, and continue to work, very hard to develop their potential. They have grown stronger when faced with adversity. They are genuinely loving and forgiving people who are strong in character and dedicated to their continued moral and spiritual development and well-being and to that of others. They have taught their parents much over these many years and given back to their parents a bounty of love. For what else could a parent ask?